Dakota Barn Tin

Because they are salvaged from Midwest barn roofs and machine sheds, each individual piece you receive comes with its own unique characteristics. Most will have small holes or warps from where they were originally fastened, some will have brand marks from the original steel manufacturers. They have an interesting range of coloring, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and even a yellowish hue. Add contrast, character and depth to any ceiling or space. Feel good knowing our reclaiming process saves energy and keeps materials out of recycling centers and landfills.

Majority Rust

The majority of each tile will have warm, orange/brown rust coverage and coloring.

Random Mix

Orders will be a mix of majority rust, majority galvanized and partial rust. Our most popular style, random mix is recommended for large projects. It is not recommended for small projects due to the large variation between pieces.

Majority Galvanized

The majority of each tile will have cool grey/blue antique galvanized coverage and coloring.

Premium Partial Rust

This tin is the best we find. Each piece is a nice mix of rust and galvanized that can only be created from natural weathering. It is also flatter with less warping. Recommended for smaller applications such as door inserts, statement wall, or art and craft projects.


Colorado Rustic Steel

After receiving customer feedback about the need for a more consistent, yet still rustic feel free of nail holes or warps, Dakota Tin introduced the Colorado Rustic Steel™ collection which features three different "faux" styles of corrugated, metal steel, each with unique color and texture patterns. Create a mountain retreat, ranch or southwestern-style look in your home or commercial space by applying corrugate to indoor and outdoor rooms, walls, ceilings or home decor and furniture.


Pre-rusted and created with an all-natural, accelerated rust treatment. Because the solution is spray applied, rust is more evenly distributed, the result is a more even coat of copper rust color, but still with small variations of blue/grey that you’d get from the antique galvanized style. 
We start the rusting process, but if you'd get your panels and would still like more rust, learn how to increase the amount of rust here
We recommend sealing this style with a clear coat, as the rust finish can rub off.

Antique Galvanized

Antiqued steel, dark grey look, weathered (small scratches are normal from production) , flat texture . NO RUST or color variation.  Finish wears with time (can produce white rust with exposure to moisture), will continue to age with exposure and may scratch.
We recommend sealing this style with a clear coat for high-wear areas or where oils can get splattered, since it has a more porous surface.


A clean white finish on metal. This smooth corrugated metal is painted white on one side.


Satin Black

Get a sleek satin black finish on metal. This smooth corrugated metal is painted satin black on one side.



Crinkle Black

An alternative to Satin Black, Crinkle Black has a textured appearance and feel.