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* Superior customer service. 100% satisfaction guarantee
* All-American company.
* Unique products that customers rave about.
* Portal for Dakota Tin wholesalers with access to imagery, price lists, marketing ideas and content.
* The interest level in metal edging products has grown throughout the U.S.

Dakota Tin's Current Wholesale Product Line




Metal Landscape Edging

Our best-selling product! 4", 6" or 12" tall garden edging in three unique styles - Antique, Galvalume & Rusted. See the full product description.

In the last year, searches on Google for “metal edging” have increased 45% during the months of January through May.






Metal Ceiling Tiles

Dakota Tin's flagship product! 2'x2"' drop ceiling tiles in barn tin and rustic steel. Seven styles to choose from. See the full product description.










Metal Wainscoting

Dakota Tin's wainscoting product gets used in a variety of wall paneling projects! 2' W x 3' H wainscoting in barn tin and rustic steel. Seven styles to choose from. See the full product description.




 *wholesale pricing and sample available to qualifying retailers and volume contractors.

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