Corrugated Wainscoting

Corrugated Wainscoting

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A growing trend, corrugated wainscoting is found more and more in homes and commercial spaces. Break up a contrasting accent wall or add a rustic, industrial contrast to a clean room.

About Wainscoting

  • 36in tall. Each sheet will provide 24in of coverage. 26in x 36in typical.
  • Available in Dakota Tin and Colorado Rustic Patinas - View our Patinas
  • Exceptional customer service, happy to answer any questions about our products
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • All American Company
  • **Real Metal Tiles - Leather Gloves Required**

Wainscoting Patina Options

Colorado Rustic Collection (Salvaged) Patinas: After receiving customer feedback about the need for a more consistent, yet still rustic feel free of nail holes or warps, Dakota Tin introduced the Colorado Rustic Steel collection in 2019. All of the patterns or styles from the Colorado Rustic Collection have a more consistent, uniform color pattern, have less contrast per tile, and are free of nail holes and warps.

        • Rusted: Pre-rusted and created with an all-natural, accelerated rust treatment. Because the solution is spray applied, rust is more evenly distributed, the result being a more even coat of copper rust color, but still with small variations of blues and grey's that you’d get from the antique galvanized style. ***We start the rusting process, but if you'd get your panels and would still like more rust, learn how to increase the amount of rust here.
      • Galvalume: New galvanized steel, light grey, semi-sheen. NO RUST or color variation.
      • Antique Galvanized: Antiqued steel, dark grey look, weathered, flat texture. NO RUST or color variation.

Dakota Tin Collection (Faux) Patinas: Because of the rare source of the Dakota Tin Collection products (steel barn roofs and walls) every piece you receive will come with unique characteristics. Most will have small holes or warps from where they were originally fastened, some will have brand marks from the original steel manufacturers. They have an interesting range of coloring, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and even a yellowish hue. Add contrast, character and depth to any ceiling or space.

  • Random Mixture: Offer the most contrast between cool, darker grey/blue coloring and warm, orange/brown rust coloring.
  • Majority Rust: The majority of each tile will have warm, orange/brown rust coverage and coloring.
  • Majority Galvanized: The majority of each tile will have cool, darker grey/blue antique galvanized coverage and coloring.
        Create a mountain retreat, ranch or southwestern-style look in your home or commercial space by applying corrugate to indoor and outdoor spaces, walls, ceilings or other home decor and furniture.

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        Excellent customer service

        The product was great

        Great Product!

        Arrived packaged very well. Easy to work with and great addition to walls.


        going to look great as a backsplash in the kitchen. getting it installed now.

        Excellent service

        I received my order in a very timely manner, as well as a follow up phone call. Excited to use the antique galvanized in our new store!


        Looks awesome in my garage!!!

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