About Dakota Tin Products 

What is the metal actually made of?

  • It is corrugated steel.


How can you further rust steel products?


Will Dakota Tin products continue to rust and, if so, how can you prevent the continued rusting?


    What is the measurement for the corrugation from peak-to-peak?

    • 1-1/4 inches from peak to peak; 1/4 inches tall


    Can you custom cut Colorado Steel panels?

    • Yes, please visit the custom panels page. Colorado Steel panels can be custom cut to a maximum height/length of 144”/12”. The width (against corrugations left to right, horizontal) has to remain at 26”.


    Can products be custom cut into different shapes?

    • At this time we are not able to cut into shapes other than basic squares or circles within our maximum/minimum measurements.


    What is the maximum length a custom product panel can be cut to?

    • Colorado Steel panels can be custom cut to a maximum height/length of 144”/12” with a constant width (against corrugations left to right, horizontal) at 26”.
    • Dakota Tin panels can be custom cut to a maximum height/length of 144”/12”(corrugations run the height/ length of material, vertically) and a maximum of 26” width (against corrugations left to right, horizontal). 
    • Please visit our custom panel page for a quote.


    How are the finishes put onto the Colorado Steel line of products?

    • Galvalume coating is a hot- dipped coating consisting of zinc, aluminum, and silicon. Very similar to Galvanizing but intended to last longer in protecting that base metal.
    • Antique: Is a Bonderized coating in which the steel has been put through a phosphate bath and chromate left to dry. Giving the material the gray color. This material is prone to white rust if exposed to moisture through time.
    • Rusted: Bare steel that we simply apply a non-toxic solution to begin the rusting process.


      How safe is the edging of Dakota Tin metal products for children and pets?

      • The hemmed edges make the material so it is not sharp if someone or something were to trip and fall!


      What type of saw can be used to trim up and cut the metal against the corrugation?

      • A ferrous metal circular saw blade ~50t


      Ordering & Shipping

      What is the minimum number of tiles or wainscoting I can order?

      • There are no minimums on orders.


      Can I ask for 50/50 rust and galvanized with my order?

      • Yes, but please put it in the notes.


      What items have a freight charge?

      • Custom cut and large panels usually have a freight charge. Please ask for a quote.


      How long does it normally take to receive products once shipped?

      • Timing can vary from area to area. Typically it can take anywhere from 3-5 business days.

      Metal Garden Edging

      How do you secure the metal garden edging?

      • You can either put 1/3 of the tin into the ground or get wooden garden stakes (around 12 inches - similar to these on Amazon.) and screw the panels to them. 


      Are stakes included with the metal garden edging?

      • We do not carry the stakes to secure the material. However, you can buy it at most any local hardware or garden center near you.


      What can you use to cut the garden edging or other metal?

      • Tin snips will work best or a circular saw/jigsaw/hole saw (any of these saws need to have a bi-metal blade or a blade that works with corrugated steel).


      What are some other suggested uses for garden edging strips?

      • We've seen customers use them for stair backing and floor trim. There are probably many other uses for the product.



      Wainscoting & Panels

      Is there a product you recommend for edging/trim for the tops of wainscoting?


      What type of screw is used to secure wainscoting and J-Track?

      • 1-5/8" K-Lath Screw or 1-1/2" LoPro Torx Screw


      What type of saw should be used to cut outlets into corrugated steel wainscoting panels?

      • Saber saw or jigsaw - maybe a Rotozip with a bi-metal blade.


      Can the rusted panels or wainscoting be used in a shower?


      Ceiling Tiles

      Can you use a regular grid for drop ceilings with the metal tiles?

      • Yes, as long as it is metal, or you can use the J-Track we carry as well.


      What kind of trim can you use for things like ceiling recessed lighting and AC/heat vents?

      • Typically, any trim that works with standard ceiling tiles will work with our metal ceiling tiles.


      What is the best type of saw to use to cut metal tiles for things like recessed lighting or vents?

      • If there are many lighting holes needing to be cut, you can use a bi-metal hole saw. For just a few lighting holes or vents, we suggest a jigsaw with a bi-metal blade.


      Would you recommend your metal ceiling tiles to cover an old plaster ceiling?

      • As long as you find the studs/joists behind the plaster, you can. Another option is to create a false ceiling to attach them to.


      Can I order corrugated tiles in 24" x 48"?

      • Yes, our metal ceiling tiles can be custom cut up to 26" x 144". Please ask for a quote.


      Some of the tiles do not lay flat in the grid. Are there clips that can be used to make the ceiling tiles lay flat in the grid?




      Can you use the corrugated tin for a backsplash in a kitchen?

      • Yes, we have many customers who have used it as a backsplash and it has turned out beautiful!



      Using J-Track

      How do you make corners with J-Track?

      • Please see installation instructions for J-Track.