Colorado Rustic Steel

After receiving customer feedback about the need for a more consistent, yet still rustic feel free of nail holes or warps, Dakota Tin introduced the Colorado Rustic Steel™ collection which features three different styles of corrugated, metal steel, each with unique color and texture patterns. Create a mountain retreat, ranch or southwestern-style look in your home or commercial space by applying corrugate to indoor and outdoor rooms, walls, ceilings or home decor and furniture.

The Patterns


New galvanized steel, light grey, semi-sheen. NO RUST or color variation.


Pre-rusted and created with an all-natural, accelerated rust treatment. Because the solution is spray applied, rust is more evenly distributed, the result is a more even coat of copper rust color, but still with small variations of blues and greys that you’d get from the antique galvanized style.

Antique Galvanized

Antiqued steel, dark grey look, weathered, flat texture. NO RUST or color variation.