Unique Barndominium Interior Design Ideas with Metal Products

Barndominiums and barn homes are unique in their own right. Creating the right interior helps pair the distinctiveness of barndominiums with your style. We’ve compiled a list of unique barndominium interior design ideas with metal products that are sure to make your barndominium standout.

barndominium interior design ideas
Kitchen Island Facing Using Antique Wainscoting Panels

Standout Barndominium Interior Ideas

A wide variety of metal products can help create interiors with rustic and industrial feelings.

Metal Wall Panels

Wainscoting is a panel that is placed on the lower portion of a wall. It helps to protect from scuff marks and also adds a great decorative accent to a room.

It is found frequently in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, foyers, and mudrooms. Some people will also use it in garages and basement spaces.

metal wainscoting barndominium interior ideas
Premium Partial Rust Barn Tin Wainscoting

Metal wainscoting from Dakota Tin comes in seven styles - from a rustic look to an industrial look.

antique metal wainscoting
Antique Metal Wainscoting
metal wainscoting

Metal wall panels can also be used in larger sizes to cover an entire wall. This is a great idea for a divider wall. The usually need to be a custom-sized panel or a large panel.

rusted metal barn door

Custom-Sized Metal Panels For Barn Door Facing 


Metal Ceilings

Ceilings in barndominiums are usually very big, vaulted ceilings. Because barndominium ceilings are so large, a metal ceiling really stands out. 

One of the best ways to create metal ceilings in barndominiums is with custom-sized Dakota Tin pieces, so that large pieces can be used for faster application. Some people also use wainscoting panels and larger panels for ceilings.

custom tin ceiling
Custom-Sized Premium Partial Rust Barn Tin For Ceilings


Traditional metal ceiling tiles could also be used - they will create a much different look than panels but will also take longer to install. 

random mix tin ceiling tilesRandom Mix Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles with J-Track Ceiling Track

Metal Backsplashes

In a kitchen, or even in a bathroom behind the sink, backsplashes allow a space to really apply some accents.

 metal backsplash
Rusted Ceiling Tiles Used As Backsplash**


A metal backsplash can give that space a rustic or industrial accent.

antique metal tile backsplash
Antique Ceiling Tiles Used As Backsplash**

While Dakota Tin products are not officially food-grade or food-safe materials, some people do use them in kitchens.** The strips of Dakota Tin edging have been used for backsplash areas - with heights from 4”-15” and coming 10’ long, the edging can easily be cut with tin snips. Some homeowners have also used the tiles, wainscoting and custom-sized pieces to fit into backsplash areas.

Metal Cabinet and Bar Facings

An easy and affordable way to add a metal accent to your space is to use it for cabinet, island or bar facing. Cabinets in bathrooms or kitchens can have a metal panel added to them - usually in a custom-sized metal. Metal wainscoting panels usually work for lining the pedestals of kitchen islands and bars.

 rusted wainscoting kitchen island facing
Kitchen Island Facing Using Rusted Metal Wainscoting
rusted metal island facing in barndominium
Kitchen Island Facing Using Premium Partial Rust Wainscoting
antique metal bar facing
Bar Facing Using Antique Metal Wainscoting
galvanized metal cabinet facing
Majority Galvanized Tiles, Cut To Size For Metal Cabinet Facing


Have you seen a barndominium interior design idea using metal that you’d like to emulate but aren’t sure what materials to use? Dakota Tin’s team can help you figure it out for free. Contact us online or call us at (800) 670-5798.

**Disclaimer: Dakota Tin products may be used in kitchens but are not food grade materials. Use the product at your discretion.

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