Dakota Barn Tin Corrugated Ceiling Tile

Dakota Barn Tin Corrugated Ceiling Tile

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Barn Tin Ceiling Tile 2'x2': Recycled Steel

**Real Steel Tile - Leather Gloves Required When Working with Tiles**

Dakota Tin’s Upcycled Corrugated Tin Ceiling Tiles are a unique and vibrant way to add rustic character to your home or business. These tiles, which are made from old corrugated steel of barn roofs and machine sheds, fit perfectly in any standard ceiling grid, allowing for greater convenience while giving your home or commercial space a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

These tiles are made from old corrugated steel panels that we crafted into two-foot by two-foot ceiling tiles. They have been repurposed, or “upcycled,” from old barns, machine sheds, and shops.  Because of the source of these tiles every piece is different.  Most will have small holes from where they were originally fastened.  These classic tiles are easy to install thanks to a precise shape and half inch thickness. They work perfectly with our innovative tile grid system or any 2'x2' drop ceiling 15/16" T bar system.

This ceiling tile is perfect for bars, industrial lofts, man caves, and rustic-style eateries.


  • One 23.625" X 23.625" Corrugated Barn Tin Ceiling Tile
  • Installation instructions
  • Made from upcycled steel, no plastic
  • Customer service support
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

"Upcycled" Material

These steel ceiling tiles are upcycled, not recycled. With recycled items, the raw material (glass, metal, paper, rubber, etc.) is broken down and reshaped into an original product. Upcycled materials, however, are repurposed products that are not broken down, merely reshaped or adjusted to suite a different purpose. With our upcycled materials, we save energy by taking tin panels from old barns or shops and keep them from ending up in the recycling center or the landfill. Recycling is an important practice, but upcycling is generally considered a greener and more environmentally-friendly method.

Individual Uniqueness for Each Tile

Because these tiles are made from the old steel off barn roofs, each piece is unique. They have different coloring and shades, lending a sense of character and depth to any ceiling. If you enhance your ceiling with these tiles, you’ll discover a sense of uniqueness not found in conventional ceiling tiles. They have an interesting range of coloring, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and even a yellowish hue.

All products work with standard 15/16" Ceiling Grid. Exceptional customer service is standing by to answer your questions and all of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Very Professional

The Tin were perfect!! It was what I was looking for everywhere for these. There real and made the space beautiful.

You won’t be disappointed

Excellent product , great quality, the product is exactly as advertised. My client and I are extremely happy with this product .

Used as a kitchen backsplash

Very nice material for this purpose. It worked out great


Ceiling tile


Love it

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