Drop Ceiling Ideas

Looking for unique drop ceiling ideas? A metal drop ceiling can add a rustic, urban, or industrial look to any space. Our satisfied customers have used Dakota Tin ceiling tiles to transform everything from offices to commercial spaces, and even living spaces.

To help you get inspired, here are some inventive drop ceiling ideas for your next renovation project! 

metal drop ceiling ideas

Looking for drop ceiling ideas for a new commercial space?

If you’re looking for a rustic and upcycled vibe, you will love our rustic barn tin ceiling tiles. These customer used corrugated barn tin tiles to create stylish drop ceilings for their shops.

All of our rustic barn tin tiles are made from salvaged Midwest barns. These 2'x2' tiles can be used in a standard metal 15/16” T bar drop ceiling grid. 

Dakota Tin corrugated barn tin tiles are also perfect for bars, industrial lofts, or man-caves. 

barn tin tile drop ceiling ideas





Shop barn tin tiles here: https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles/products/dakota-barn-tin-ceiling-tile-2-x-2.







Looking for drop ceiling ideas for your indoor living space? 

If you have a large open living room or industrial loft, take a look at our Colorado Rustic Steel collection. Whether your style is mountain retreat or southwestern ranch, these ceiling tiles will give your metal drop ceiling a stylish and customized look with our three different finishes: 

Galvalume: Light grey semi-sheen steel with no rust.

Rusted: Pre-rusted with an all-natural accelerated rust treatment.

Antique Galvanized: An antiqued dark-grey steel, weathered with no rust.




drop ceiling ideas

Here you can see our Colorado Steel in the Rusted style used to add a hip touch to this space.

The Colorado Steel 2'x2' ceiling tiles can also be used in standard metal 15/16” T bar drop ceiling grid. 

Shop our Colorado Rustic Steel tiles here: 







drop ceiling grid covers

Grid Covers For A Matching Look

You’ll find that many of our drop ceiling ideas look streamlined and sleek. This can be achieved using Dakota Tin grid covers that perfectly match your Dakota Tin ceiling tiles in rusted styles. The grid covers are intended to be stuck onto an existing metal drop ceiling grid. 

Shop grid covers here: https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles/products/grid-covers.







Endless Drop Ceiling Ideas

Browse all of our metal ceiling tiles for tons of drop ceiling ideas. See our customer reviews at the bottom of each product page to discover ways that people have used our metal ceiling tiles in their real-life projects.


Whether you are opening a rustic-style eatery or just upgrading your game room, you’ll find that there is no project that can’t be revitalized with Dakota Tin. 


Shop ALL metal ceiling tiles here: https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles


And the best part? Our metal drop ceiling tiles are incredibly easy to install. You can see our easy-to-read installation instructions here: https://www.dakotatin.com/pages/tin-ceiling-tile-installation-guide






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