Metal Wainscoting From Dakota Tin

Wainscoting from Dakota Tin comes in 8 unique styles in two collections:

The Barn Tin collection comes straight from old barn roofs giving it a truly vintage feel. In Premium Partial Rust, Random Mixture, Majority Rust, or Majority Galvanized.

The Colorado Steel collection is new steel panels that still hold the rustic feel but in a cleaner style. In Antique, Rusted, Galvalume, or Black.

Metal Wainscoting From Dakota Tin

Choose from wainscoting panels, rolls or custom panel sizes.

Metal Wainscoting

Wainscoting comes in 36" tall by 26" wide panels or in 36" tall by 10' long rolls. Can be used for interior or exterior projects. Available as a Corrugated Metal Wainscoting in three styles or the Corrugated Barn Tin Wainscoting in four styles.

Custom Tin Panels

Custom barn tin panels can be sized up to 26" wide and up to 12' long. They areavailable in four styles. They can be used for interior or exterior projects. They work great as wall panels, backsplashes, fences, bar and cabinet fronts, and unique décor and art projects.

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Metal wainscoting panels from Dakota Tin. Choose from the Barn Tin Wainscoting or the Colorado Steel Wainscoting. Seven styles to choose from.

Add J-Track trim to the product to hold the panels to the wall.

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