Rustic Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

rustic barndominium interior design ideas


Needing design ideas on how to give your barndominium a rustic interior? 

Barn home owners have been using Dakota Tin products to create that unique, rustic feel that's sure to impress.

As you're planning out your barndominium interior design, consider areas where you can add unique elements:

barndomium kitchens

Island & Cabinet Facing

Using Dakota Tin Wainscoting

rustic barn house ideas



Dakota Tin Tiles

barndominium kitchen ideas


Using Dakota Tin Tiles



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Customer Gallery

View how our customers have used Dakota Tin and Colorado Steel metal products to enhance their homes and barndominium.

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Dakota Tin Products for Your Barndominium

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Choose from 7 styles in most products.

Colorado Steel line

Dakota Barn Tin line 



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Need Assistance?

Unsure of products and sizes that will be best for your interior projects? Ask our expert service team - well-versed in the best usage and installation of Dakota Tin metal products.


About Dakota Tin

South Dakota native Ryan Rusher was enjoying an evening drive through the South Dakota countryside— fields and farmhouses, rolling hills and grassy plains unfolded before him as he followed the dirt road. The worn tin roof of a dilapidated wooden barn caught his eye.


Rusher developed Dakota Tin to evoke a nostalgic, aged atmosphere for homes and industrial and commercial spaces — providing a distinctive architectural element that is uniquely Dakota born and bred.


Dakota Tin Barn Tin products are made from the tin from old barn roofs, repurposed into rustic tiles & wall panels that capture the essence of rural life and the history of the Midwest.


The Colorado Steel line of products are newly manufactured metals, expanding on the same high-quality craftsmanship of old barn tin. Colorado Steel edging, tiles & wainscoting panels are manufactured in the U.S. - built with the same high standards and long-lasting durability of yesteryear.