Why Choose A Metal Drop Ceiling?

metal drop ceiling

There are lots of reasons to install a metal drop ceiling.

  • A Beautiful Ceiling Really Completes a Space
  • Perhaps the paramount reason to install a drop ceiling is to enhance the beauty of the room. A ceiling all too often is the most overlooked - and aesthetically untended - part of a work- or living-space. Floors are typically carpeted or tiled or composed of rich-colored wood; walls carry artworks and photographs, or have windows or wallpaper, etc. Ceilings, by contrast, are frequently devoid of such ornaments; they contribute little to the feel of a room. But why should that be?


    A metal drop ceiling can change all that: a drop ceiling not only is easy to install, it can also have the effect of aesthetically completing the look and feel of a room. More specifically, a metal drop ceiling composed of tin or steel tiles, such as one can get from Dakota Tin, may so improve the aesthetic of a space that the entire room comes to feel more whole and alive. Like a more finished space. After all, if your ceiling is boring, can you honestly say that the room is complete? A ceiling doesn’t just keep you dry; it’s an integral part of the room itself, and the space you inhabit. Why not make it beautiful? 

  • Reflecting Light From Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • A drop ceiling composed of tin or steel tiles changes the very light of the room. Even rusted metal reflects light in ways that plain, paint-covered walls do not; they give depth and warmth to the light itself. When you install a drop ceiling made from tin or steel tiles, with their various sheens and rusted hues, you are changing the very color of the light in that room.

  • Hiding Ceiling Defects
  • A drop ceiling has a brilliant aesthetic/practical use: any defects in the pre-existing ceiling can be hidden by it. Does your current ceiling suffer from any unsightly wiring or exposed pipes? A drop ceiling can conceal them. Is there an old stain, or water damage, or an annoying crack, or some unused fixture in the ceiling that has long bothered you? A drop ceiling will hide it! 


  • Easy to Install, Easy to Dismantle
  • Because a metal drop ceiling utilizes a grid frame and tiles that fall neatly into place, if you should ever need to gain access to the original ceiling it’s as easy as moving the tiles out of the way. And because the grid itself is so easy to install—Dakota Tin’s tiles work with a standard 2'x2' drop ceiling 15/16" T bar system ceiling grid (https://www.dakotatin.com/pages/tin-ceiling-tile-installation-guide)—it too can be removed quickly should the need ever arise.  

  • Options!
  • At Dakota Tin, we have various styles of metal ceiling tiles to choose from for your drop ceiling. Here are some metal drop ceiling ideas for you to consider:


    Barn Tin Tiles

    barn tin drop ceiling tiles

    Perfect for either domestic or work spaces, our Corrugated Barn Tin Tiles are rich and warm, and come in various colors, ranging from gray and blue to orange and brown, depending upon how rusted or galvanized you’d like them to be. Mixing and matching also works! They blend perfectly with any number of room aesthetics, from industrial to rustic, modern to antique, southwestern to postmodern. https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles/products/dakota-barn-tin-ceiling-tile-2-x-2

    steel drop ceiling tiles

    Steel Tiles

    Our steel tiles also come in various colors, again depending upon your needs. They contain blues and greys and copper hues, and can be further rusted to your specifications by our all-natural, accelerated rust treatment. Or if you prefer a more uniform look, you can opt for our “galvalume” steel tiles, which are made from new and galvanized steel. Light and silver in color, with a semi-sheen, these tiles contain no rust or color variation. Or for a more weathered look, consider our “antique galvanized” steel tiles, for a darker grey and a more lived-in feel. https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles/products/colorado-rustic-steel-ceiling-tiles

    Grid Covers

    Even grids themselves can be made beautiful with our weathered and rust-treated grid covers. Create a more consistent and finished look and feel to your drop ceiling! https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles/products/grid-covers

    A metal drop ceiling made with tin or steel tiles from Dakota Tin can enhance the aesthetic of any number of spaces: they can make a work space feel more industrial, or give a barroom a more rustic atmosphere, or just make the light more brilliant in an office. The possibilities for a drop ceiling composed of tin or steel tiles from Dakota Tin are all but endless; peruse our site and consider the options for your work- or living-space today!  https://www.dakotatin.com/collections/ceiling-tiles

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