Three Reasons To Use Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles In Your Next Remodel

If you’re like most people, it probably hasn’t occurred to you just how important an aesthetically-satisfying ceiling can be. More specifically, it probably hasn’t struck you just how effective a ceiling composed of vintage barn tin tiles can be. Well, here are just three reasons that a ceiling made from vintage barn ceiling tiles can be a truly wonderful thing:


vintage tin ceiling tiles

Dakota Tin vintage tin ceiling tiles used to create an unique industrial feel for this business space.


1. Versatility In Use

On a first glance, vintage tin ceiling tiles might not appear to be a particularly versatile fixture. Of course they belong in barns, but where else? In fact, corrugated tin ceiling tiles can combine aesthetically with many different types of décor.

Do you have a room in which you are cultivating a rustic ambience? Vintage tiles will enhance that rusticity. Are you going for an industrial vibe? A vintage tin ceiling will bring out that gritty industrial feel. Looking for an antique atmosphere? Vintage tiles will accentuate it, make it palpable.

And vintage tin ceiling tiles can also be used—with beautiful effects!—in various other contexts as well: in outdoor fixtures, for example, or as part of decorative pieces and frames. And since they come in different styles—with varying degrees of rust or zinc, for example, which produce different colors and feelings of warmth—they can be matched to any number of diverse color schemes and aesthetics.


 Vintage tin tiles

Dakota Tin customer Mikki Z. got creative and used our Majority Galvanized Dakota Tin ceiling tiles as a kitchen backsplash.


2. Vintage Tin Ceiling Tiles Provide Uniqueness

If there’s one thing that can be said about a ceiling composed of vintage tin tiles, it’s that it looks unique. Let’s face it: ceilings are, in most cases, the most boring part of a room. People don’t spend a whole lot of time while inside staring up over their heads.

But corrugated tin tiles change all that: they can turn the most boring part of a room into something dynamic and interesting, something that makes people more aware of the aesthetic of the space they’re inhabiting. Vintage tin ceiling tiles can make you appreciate how not only floors and walls, but ceilings too, are essential parts of the frame of our lives.


3. Reclaimed Ceiling Tiles Are Environmentally Responsible

The reclaimed ceiling tiles at Dakota Tin are upcycled, or repurposed; this means that, unlike merely recycled products, they don’t require mass amounts of energy for them to be broken down before they can be reshaped into new products (as is generally necessary for recycled materials).

When you install Dakota Tin’s vintage barn tiles, you are not only creating an aesthetically beautiful space, you are also keeping materials out of landfills and recycling plants. Yes, you can be aesthetic and green at the same time!


 rustic vintage tin ceiling tiles

This happy customer created the perfect farmhouse look using Dakota Tin vintage ceiling tiles.


If you are redecorating, renovating, or just want to add an interesting element to some important domestic or work space, consider installing Dakota Tin’s vintage tin ceiling tiles.

Reasonably priced and easy to install (instructions found here). Add a touch of unique beauty to your space today!

Click here for Dakota Tin barn tin ceiling tiles.



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