How To Install Tin Ceiling Tiles

Recently purchased Dakota Tin Ceiling Tiles, or thinking about it, and needing to know how to install them? It is very easy to install tin ceiling tiles.

When it comes to deciding how to install tin ceiling tiles, there are a couple ways that it can be done. Here is our recommendations on how to install tin ceiling tiles.

How To Install Tin Ceiling Tiles


Tin Ceiling Tile Installation 

1. Have a 15/16 inch T-bar ceiling grid installed, if not already installed. 


2. Wearing cut-resistant gloves, slide in full-sized tin ceiling tiles and drop them in the ceiling grid spaces. 


trim tin ceiling tiles

3. For tiles that will be trim pieces around the edges of the ceiling, the tiles may need to be cut. Measure the dimensions where the trim tiles will be placed and mark a tin tile for those dimensions.


 4. Cut trim tiles with a circular saw for the dimensions marked out. Use a non-carbide plywood blade (7-1/4" 150 tooth recommended).


5. Place trim tiles into the edge grids.


See complete instructions information from Dakota Tin here.


View the complete line of Dakota Tin ceiling tiles.



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