How Dakota Tin’s Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles Are Different

We know there are many choices in ceiling tiles, and home remodeling in general. You have choices in materials, colors, sizes, and finishes. Even at Dakota Tin, we have two types of ceiling tiles in a total of 8 styles.

barn tin ceiling tiles

The Difference Between Dakota Tin’s Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles And Standard Ceiling Tiles

The biggest difference is the uniqueness factor. With standard ceiling tiles, they are all fairly uniform. Our barn tin ceiling tiles are upcycled from the tin roofs of old Midwestern barns. Each individual ceiling panel comes with its own distinctive characteristics. Most will have small holes or warps from where they were originally fastened, some will have brand marks from the original steel manufacturers. They have an interesting range of coloring, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and even a yellowish hue. Some even have old stamping on them from the old-time metal manufacturers.

They make a bold statement compared to standard ceiling tiles. 

Here is a comparison to show how our tin ceiling tiles are different from standard plastic ceiling tiles.

Corrugated Barn Tin Ceiling Tile Characteristics:

  • They have a half-inch thickness that makes them easy to install.
  • The ceiling panels come with straightforward installation instructions.
  • They work well with any 2'x2' drop ceiling 15/16" T bar system ceiling grid, which includes our innovative direct mount J-Track grid system.

Benefits of Dakota Tin’s Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles

Dakota tin ceiling tiles are a popular choice among homeowners because of their attractiveness and variety of designs and textures. There are also many ways you can use these tiles to add contrast to your ceilings or walls.

Benefits include:

Practicality. They are a nonporous material that doesn’t soak up stains, watermarks, or yellow over time like plastic or polystyrene ceiling tiles can.

Durability. Tin ceiling tiles are much stronger and more durable than plastic or polystyrene.

Sustainability. Our corrugated tin tiles are upcycled which means that they are salvaged from Midwest barn roofs and machine sheds. Upcycling is considered to be a greener and more environmentally-friendly method.

Installation. Our ceiling panels are easy to install and can be installed as a DIY project as you won’t need special tools.

barn tin ceiling panels

Dakota Tin's Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles Vs. The Colorado Steel Ceiling Tiles

Our two main tile types are the Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles and the Colorado Steel Ceiling Tiles. They are both made of metal materials, both have a bold style, and both appear very similar in style, price, and size.

But they are actually pretty different in our eyes.

The Barn Tin Tiles are our flagship product - the first product we ever created. Dakota Tin was built around the idea of taking old barn tin roofs and upcycling them into ceiling tiles.

But tin from old barn roofs is limited and harder to source. So the Colorado Steel line was built. We manufacture this product. While they are made to look antique and weathered, Colorado Steel products are made from new metal materials, not upcycled vintage materials. They are a much cleaner, uniform tile.

For the most unique tile that shows a real weathered, vintage look, choose Dakota Tin's Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles.

Want to see the difference between the two types? Order samples.

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