Collection: Dakota Barn Tin - Corrugated Tin

Because this corrugated tin is salvaged from Midwest barn roofs and machine sheds, every piece you receive comes with unique characteristics.
Most pieces of barn roof tin will have small holes or warps from where they were originally fastened, some will have brand marks from the original steel manufacturers. Barn roof tins will have an interesting range of coloring, including metallic grey, rust orange, light brown, and even a yellowish hue. Add contrast, character and depth to any ceiling or space.
Our reclaiming process saves energy and keeps materials out of recycling centers and landfills.

The Patterns

rusted barn roof tin

Majority Rust

The majority of the barn tin will have warm, orange/brown rust coverage and coloring.
barn corrugated tin

Random Mix

Offers the most contrast between cool, darker grey/blue coloring and warm, orange/brown rust coloring. It is a mix of majority rust, majority galvanized and partial rust. Our most popular style, random mix is recommended for large projects. It is not recommended for small projects due to the large variation between pieces.corrugated barn tin

Majority Galvanized

The majority of the barn tin will have cool grey/blue antique galvanized coverage and coloring.

premium partial rust tin

Premium Partial Rust

This corrugated tin is the best we find. Each piece is a nice mix of rust and galvanized that can only be created from natural weathering. It is also flatter with less warping. Recommended for smaller applications such as door inserts, statement wall, or art and craft projects.