Rustic Metal Tile Backsplash Ideas

While not the original purpose of Dakota Tin ceiling tiles, these tiles have become a popular product to use for metal tile backsplashes. The tiles are great for kitchen and bathroom rustic metal backsplashes.


Metal Bathroom & Kitchen Backsplashes

Here are few examples of how customers have been using Dakota Tin products for backsplashes:


galvanized tin metal backsplash
Majority Galvanized tin tiles for a galvanized metal backsplash. These barn tin tiles can come with unique markings sometimes - as they come directly off old barns - giving them extra character.


corrugated metal tile backsplash
This kitchen backsplash uses corrugated metal tiles in Antique.









corrugated metal backsplash strip

This backsplash uses Dakota Tin's Premium Partial Rust barn tin in a custom size. We offer custom sizing - just ask.


galvanized metal backsplash

This galvanized metal backsplash was actually created with our Galvalume metal edging. It comes in three different heights.

corrugated metal kitchen backsplash

A piece of Colorado steel wainscoting in Antique was used to make this metal kitchen backsplash behind the stove.



Disclaimer: Dakota Tin products are not rated as "food safe." Use tiles at your own discretion in kitchens.


Corrugated Metal Backsplashes

When installing a metal bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, there is a Dakota Tin product for every size of space.

For 2'x2' squares, choose Dakota Tin ceiling tiles in one of seven styles.

For 2' wide by 3' tall panels, choose Dakota Tin wainscoting in one of seven styles.

For 4", 6" or 12" tall strips, choose metal edging in one of three styles.

For a variety of sizes of strips and squares in a Rusted style, choose Dakota Tin project strips and squares.

Can't find the exact size, check out our custom sized tin and request a quote.





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