New Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Help Dampen Sound & Enhance Interiors

The noise in the basement from a loud movie playing on the TV or the sound of someone practicing in your music room - you've probably known there are ways to soften that noise and reduce how much it travels. 

Technology in sound absorption has been advancing and now you don’t have to worry about background noise when you’re on an important call or just enjoying quiet time.

And with Dakota Tin's new Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, you can add a really unique look to a room while absorbing noise.

What Are Acoustical Ceiling Tiles?

Acoustic ceiling tiles are tiles designed to suppress background noise in a room. 

The fine perforations within Dakota Tin's metal acoustical ceiling tiles produce a remarkable acoustic performance, therefore making them great for noise reduction in a wider choice of environments, including music rooms, home theaters, restaurants, government facilities, bars, airports, coffee shops, lecture halls, offices, music venues, recording studios, and even commercial buildings.

acoustic ceiling tile backing

Acoustical ceiling tiles are good soundproofing materials. Soundproofing through absorption is a sound insulation technique where sound waves hit a surface and get absorbed within the material. Unwanted sound as a result of resonances, reflection of echoes, or reverberations, is restricted from either exiting or entering a room. 

Dakota Tin's Acoustical Ceiling Tiles have been found to absorb 80% of sound. Through testing, our acoustical tiles have been rated for a NOISE REDUCTION COEFFICIENT (NRC) of 0.8. This is significantly higher than most common fiber ceiling tiles at around 0.55!

Why Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Are a Great Choice

Plenty of ceiling tiles exist on the market today and there are even many choices in how to dampen sound with tiles. But there are few choices that give you such a unique look as our rustic metal tiles.

rusted ceiling tile

Here’s some reasons why acoustical ceiling tiles from Dakota Tin are a great choice in sound dampening:

  • Durability — When it comes to durability, Dakota Tin tiles are strong and more resilient as compared to other ceiling tile materials. The tiles are less susceptible to damage, cracking, and the common yellowing and water-spotting of polystyrene ceiling tiles.
  • Functionality — Acoustical ceiling tiles from Dakota Tin improve sound quality and reduce noise by 80%. They help to control the noise levels both in the rooms they’re installed in and in the nearby premises. 
  • Easy Installation — Dakota Tin's metal ceiling tiles are easier to cut and install than you would expect. They fit into standard 2'x2' drop ceiling 15/16" T bar system ceiling grids. See how easy they are to install or cut.
  • Aesthetics — Dakota Tin's Acoustical Ceiling Tiles come in two unique metal different styles - Antique or Rusted.
rusted acoustical ceiling tiles  antique metal acoustic tiles

Test Out Dakota Tin's Tiles

You can find out more details about Dakota Tin's Acoustical Metal Ceiling Tiles on the product page

Samples of all Dakota Tin's styles of metal are available at

And if you have questions about the product, how to use it, or how to order, including questions about custom items, contact our team of experts. Our friendly staff is eager to help you create your next project.

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