DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

metal raised garden beds

It’s that time of year again to start planning your spring garden! Whether you are a novice or expert gardener, you may want to consider adding some raised garden beds to your yard this year. 

Raised garden beds are flower or vegetable gardens that sit above the ground and are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. They are incredibly popular for several reasons. Raised garden beds are perfect for:

      • Harsh growing environments with sandy or hard-packed soil. 
      • Keeping your garden away from pets or ground animals.
      • Helping to minimize knee and back pain.
      • Small yards or urban gardens. 


There are plenty of pre-made garden beds you can buy already assembled, but they are often quite expensive. The good news is that they are easy to make yourself. We may have just the right product for you to easily create your own raised garden bed. The internet is full of raised garden ideas and tutorials for beginners. You can find many great DIY raised garden bed ideas.


Metal Raised Garden Beds

One type of bed that has been increasing in popularity is made with galvanized steel or corrugated metal. These metal raised gardens are not only stylish to look at, they can give your garden a clean and modern look - a combination of beauty and function. 

metal DIY raised garden bed


Other benefits include being durable and damage resistant. They can hold up against the elements and won’t rot or degrade like wood.


Here at Dakota Tin, we make 12” tall, corrugated metal landscape edging that not only looks great but is an affordable option for your raised garden bed. 


Our landscape edging comes in three styles:

  • Rusted: Comes pre-rusted with an all-natural accelerated rust treatment for an antique copper color with variations of blue and grey. 
  • Galvalume: Galvanized steel with a light grey semi-sheen. 
  • Antique: Dark grey and weathered with a flat texture. 





These styles can be worked into any of your garden bed designs. And the best part is our landscape edging can be used without the need for wood framing. Here are some of the many ways our customers use Dakota Tin metal landscape edging in their garden beds:

corrugated metal raised garden bed   raised garden bed ideas   galvanized steel raised garden bed


If you want a functional, fuss-free, and stylish garden that will last for years to come, consider galvanized steel raised garden beds. Our landscape edging comes hemmed for added style and safety and all our Dakota Tin products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Order your Dakota Tin metal edging and get started with your raised garden beds.

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