Use Dakota Tin For Metal Raised Garden Beds

Trend Alert! Tons of DIY projects are popping up that feature metal raised garden beds.

People are quickly replacing their old wooden raised beds with galvanized metal. Not only does metal bring customizable looks to your backyard design, it also brings many other added benefits. 

galvanized metal raised garden bed

Why You Should DIY with Metal Instead of Wood?

Metal raised garden beds offer a longer-lasting, sturdy, lightweight solution to grow your garden anywhere the sun shines - no matter the soil condition! A metal bed doesn't swell or contract like wood.

An extra bonus metal has - you can DIY it however you want. Metal is extremely customizable and can be designed in many different ways.

Our metal edging comes in several different styles, so feel free to pick the one you like the best. Dakota Tin’s 15- or 12-inch landscape edging is an easy-to-assemble product that could have your garden bed done within the afternoon.

In addition to looking great and being easy to use, switching from wooden beds to metal beds has many other benefits. Galvanized metal can withstand both cold and heat extremely well.

Many people are worried about the rumor that metal will "cook" your plants' roots. However, if you are watering consistently, the damp cool soil acts like a cooling agent against the "hot" metal.

Tall metal raised garden beds created with Dakota Tin's edging also allows DIYers better mobility. A raised garden bed eliminates the 'ups-and-downs' of the past. You can simply make a bed waist high when kneeling. With easy access to plants, there is no mud to walk through.

Finally, why should we have to choose between our fluffy friends and gardening? With a tall raised garden bed, keep all the creatures out from digging in your garden. Raised beds are easier to cover from insects and keep ground creatures from venturing in for a mid-morning munch.

Metal Garden Edging can be More Affordable than Premade Metal Garden Beds

Premade metal raised garden beds get the job done quickly but can be very expensive and only come in standard shapes. Comparing the cost of using the 12-inch and 15-inch Dakota Tin edging to fabricated garden planter beds, some people are saving upwards of 50%. 

Examples of Dakota Tin Edging in Metal Raised Garden Beds

Antique 12-inch metal raised garden bed

This customer created raised garden beds by framing their desired dimensions with wood and then joining the 12" Antique edging on the inside with screws.





round metal raised beds

These smaller, round raised garden beds used 12" Antique edging, easily joining the ends with metal screws.






metal garden beds

One benefit of using edging instead of a prefab planter is the ability to make unique shapes. Using wood stakes and metal screws, this customer created 12" Antique raised garden beds.








But How Do You Build A Raised Metal Garden Bed?

Seeing all the different options with metal can be exciting, yet... overwhelming. The best part about using metal for your garden bed is that metal is easy to work with and can be made into whatever design you desire. There are extremely complex garden beds, but also some made in under an hour.

We've included some easy to follow YouTube videos to get some ideas flowing. And as always, feel free to check out our product page for customer ideas on how to start your metal raised garden!

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Order Dakota Tin Edging for Raised Garden Beds

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