History of the Sioux Steel Company

Sioux Steel LogoFew companies have had such an important impact on the metal fabrication industry as the Sioux Steel Company. This organization, which manufactured many of the steel panels we use in our Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles, has created high-quality products for almost a century.

This family-owned, American-based company has played an important role in agricultural construction, and their history is a story of innovation, quality, and drive. 

As one of the few remaining family-owned businesses in the steel manufacturing industry, the Sioux Steel Company has an important role in agriculture and American industry. For four generations, the company has build excellent products that are now used all over the country. They are especially important in the agricultural-based states of middle America.

The Sioux Steel Company was founded in 1918 by Charles Rysdon, who supplied furnace duct work to facilities, including homes and businesses in and around Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He worked out of a small horse barn and had an adjacent wagon repair shop. By the 1920’s, he began manufacturing furnaces, wall and floor grids, and oil storage tanks. The Sioux Steel Company as we know it was created.

More products would be added as the years went by, including corrugated steel for barns and machine sheds. This is the material that has become an important part of our Barn Tin Ceiling Tile.

In 1940, Charles’ son Max became the company president. Max had worked for the company for many years; when he was only 15 he began working as a water boy, bringing water to factory floor workers. With a ground-up understanding of the business, Max began expanding into new territory for the company. With Max’s guidance, the Sioux Steel Company went from serving the regional states to serving the entire country.

As their success grew, the company’s facilities needed expansion. They even created a finance department to assist their customers. Through the years, Phil Rysdon, Max’s son, became an leader in the family business.

At the the age of 27, Scott Rysdon, the fourth generation and Charles’ great grandson, was ready to help in the business. Although he had much to prove to the experienced staff, Scott helped the company move forward and adapt in the changing agricultural and manufacturing market of the 1980’s.

Although Charles Rysdon’s company now makes many different metal products, corrugated steel remains an important part of their portfolio. These panels, which are made with corrosion-resistant materials and a strong design, are used to make many of the Barn Tin Ceiling Tiles from DakotaTin. Although our tiles are made from panels manufactured by many different companies, a large portion of them were made by the Sioux Steel Company.


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