Decorative Landscaping Border Ideas

Spring has sprung and it's officially time to start working on the landscaping projects you’ve been dreaming of all winter. There are many ways to make your landscaping look stylish and inviting for your outdoor leisure time.


metal landscape border

Decorative landscape borders are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your yard’s appearance and add some instant curb appeal. There are endless types of materials you can use for landscape borders such as wood, brick, cement, plastic and metal. Some other benefits of landscape borders include:

  • defining a path, walkway or driveway.
  • stylishly displaying a flower bed or vegetable garden.
  • a cleaner border for mowing or trimming your lawn. 
  • holds in mulch and other landscaping materials. 


Check out some of these stylish and easy landscape border ideas in this article by


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Metal Landscaping Borders 

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Metal landscape edging has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its sturdy nature and unique aesthetic appeal. Metal landscaping borders create a unique and rustic look, not to mention they are incredibly easy to install. 


There are many ways to use metal edging to accentuate the beauty of your lawn. Such as:

  • a border between gravel driveways, walkways and your landscaping bed.
  • a border between your lawn and mulch, shrubs or a tree rig.
  • a border between a public sidewalk and your landscape or rock bed. 

Dakota Tin Corrugated Metal Edging

metal landscape edging ideas

Dakota Tin offers corrugated metal edging perfect for all your landscaping needs, featuring an industrial and rustic look. They have hemmed edges for a safer and flexible product. Dakota Tin metal landscape edging comes in three different Colorado Rustic Patinas:

Rusted - pre-rusted for an antique copper color and galvanized style. 

Galvalume - new galvanized steel, light grey with a semi-sheen.

Antique - a dark grey antique steel with a weathered look and flat texture.





Installing your new Dakota Tin metal landscaping borders couldn’t be easier. 

metal landscape border
  1. Use a shovel to trace and prepare the soil for your edging. Landscaping fabric can also be used for a more secure integration for your edging. 
  2. Use a block of wood as a buffer while you hammer the edging in to prevent damage to your edging. Tap the edging into place with a hammer or mallet.
  3. If using multiple panels for your project, overlap the corrugated metal strip and use a wooden garden stake behind the overlap to easily drill together. 

Watch our full video tutorial here:

With Dakota Tin metal landscaping borders, the possibilities are endless!

Order Dakota Tin metal landscape border today.




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