Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

Is your bathroom beginning to feel outdated or in need of a revival? You may not need to tear apart your bathroom to bring it back to life. Wainscoting can be used in a variety of ways in bathroom spaces. As you begin to think about your next bathroom upgrade, consider these ideas!

Wainscoting as Backsplash

One simple way to transform your bathroom is with a backsplash. Wainscoting is a great option here to step away from the typical backsplashes seen in many modern bathrooms and uniquely separate them with corrugated metal. 

Wainscoting panels offer a rustic yet clean look to the bathroom space all while being distinctive in look. With a variety of corrugated metal wainscoting styles, there are many ways and styles you can take advantage of with our Barn Tin and Colorado Steel lines. Check them out here!

Antique bathroom wainscoting ideas

Wainscoting for Bathroom Walls

Wainscoting doesn’t need to be used as just a bathroom feature. You can use wainscoting to cover bathroom walls. The variety of styles from our Colorado Steel and Dakota Tin product lines ensure we have a product for you.

bathroom wainscoting ideas

An example here of a Rusted style wainscoting, surrounding the entirety of the bathroom and shower. Corrugated metal wainscoting can serve a functional purpose as well.

Erin Mathews from This Old House references how galvanized steel can serve as a “guard against rot on wood” and offer a “rustproof” alternative to wood surrounds in the bathroom. 

Wainscoting for Shower Walls

Corrugated steel shower walls are very practical and budget friendly. Such wall design is suitable for rustic and industrial bathroom decors but we see such design solutions in modern shower enclosures as well. 

Not only is wainscoting for shower walls a practical and affordable way to take your shower out of the past, it can be used to modernize the space without sacrificing any rustic and industrial elements. As written by Kremena Ruseva from, “metal combined with glass shower partitions and the warmth of wood in the vanity cabinet create a great atmosphere in the bathroom”. 

Wainscoting for Cabinets 

metal cabinet facing

The previous examples can set wainscoting as the centerpiece of your bathroom. If that doesn't fit your vision, you can still incorporate corrugated metal wainscoting as a smaller feature through things like wainscoting cabinets or doors.

The corrugated metal does a fantastic job of contrasting with wood styles and textures. If you want to include metal wainscoting in your renovation project, but don't want it to be the focus, look into some features you can renovate instead.

Whatever your bathroom vision looks like, Dakota Tin has a product for you. Some things to think about as you think through your project are what style you are going for. Below are some selectable wainscoting styles from our Colorado Steel line:

Galvalume: Light grey semi-sheen steel with no rust.


Antique Galvanized: An antiqued dark-grey steel, weathered with no rust.


Rusted: Pre-rusted with an all-natural accelerated rust treatment.


Endless Wainscoting Ideas

Browse all of our wainscoting panels and see what fits your idea. See our customer reviews at the bottom of each product page to discover ways that people have used our product in their real-life projects.

Whether you are looking to fully overhaul your bathroom space or simply make some minor upgrades, you’ll find that there is no project that can’t be revitalized with Dakota Tin.

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